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About us

Jacobs and Co

Jacobs and Co was established in 2006 as a removal and distribution company. In the early days we worked two shifts, a day and night. During the day we conducted removals and during the night, we serviced and replenished free newspaper containers across London During those days we even had a few motorcycles doing deliveries.

In 2008 after the crash, most free newspapers went into liquidation; we were no longer part-owned by another company and set off on our own. We stayed with removals and expanded into courier services. During this time we saw big household names in the removal industry close their doors for good along with a number of High Street names. Both industries have peak and downtimes during the year. Traditionally the busiest periods for couriers are October to December in the run-up to Christmas. On the other hand, removals will start to wind down in November was very little happening from December to sometimes as late as March.

The key for Jacobs and Co has always been to diversify between industries and not to put all your eggs in one basket or at least having opposing peaks and low periods. Supported by good customer service and staff that have a natural instinct to be attentive and considerate. The principle is simple, make the customer feel that they are valued and that they are receiving value for money. Show respect for the person, their property, and belongings.

The next year 2009 we started doing export packing for removals abroad. We did this for three years. This involved doing thousands of miles across Great Britain, sun, rain, or snow as there was always a deadline. Offloading in the early hours of the morning at the warehouse, consolidating, and packing containers. Initially, the work was profitable but as the market became under pressure the margins were squeezed and we ended up doing a lot of turn over with very little profit.

We stopped export wrapping and packing and stopped loading and decanting containers and moved our focus to domestic packing and moving and are still doing it after all these years. In between we have moved several businesses and quite a few schools.
For a period, the events industry was booming and we were lucky enough to do some contract work for big local brands and took their exhibitions all over Europe. This presented the opportunity to do removals to Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

The year 2020 has seen us consolidating our services and forming new partnerships as we deal with challenging times. No doubt we have not yet fully realised or experienced the full impact of Covid -19. The impact on the economy and businesses may be worse than the crash of 2008. Further to this, it has impacted our industry in the way that we operate on a daily basis. The risk of infection is always present due to contact with customers and their possessions. Like all other businesses, Jacobs and Co Removals and Logistics have to make some strategic decisions to overcome this troubled time but for now look forward to providing services to our local community for many years to come.

Tips and tricks to keep clients are satisfied

Answering the question as to “What does my customer want?” need not imply that an in-depth psychological analysis of customer needs and wants have to be undertaken.

You had me at hello – believe it or not, how you answer your phone tells the customer a lot about you and your business. Answer your phone professionally and you have a very good chance of getting the business and “Hello” is not it.

On the surface of it all, the potential customer has a need for a product or service. How well does my product or service fulfill their need for a product or a service? If it is a good fit, we are halfway there. This is also the stage with the biggest potential to result in customer dis-satisfaction down the line. Managing customer expectations from the onset as to what is included, not-included, time frame, duration, cost, etc is very important during this phase. The more we can align customer expectations to our core service, the better result we will have upon completion. Trying to squeeze a service into a “customer expectation”, that does not really fit can lead to a disappointing experience for both parties.

Keep it simple, especially when it comes to pricing structures. Make it clear, so that the customer understands it and knows exactly what is included and whatnot. Remember to mention V.A.T.

Are there any customer obligations they may not be aware of? In our industry it is parking. In most cases, the customer is responsible to arrange adequate and safe parking for vehicles on removal day.

Always be on time,(easier said than done in London traffic), but if you are going to be late even 5 minutes, call them. All the client wants is reassurance that you are on your way.

We are all slaves to our own heuristics and customers are no different. You may have as little as half a millisecond to install confidence in your client. Ever heard of first impressions…..well they count! In our personal experience, the first 5 minutes on-site and your interaction with the client during these 5 minutes will be a good indicator as to the “ journey” you will take to the end. Introduce yourself and your crew, let the customer know what your plan of action is and complete the necessary paperwork before starting. If there is anything that we try to install into our new staff, it is this phase.

Customers have feelings like everyone else and that is what customer satisfaction is. How did their interaction with your business make them “ feel”. The vast majority of clients only want to feel respected and valued. Although there are many other “feelings”, you will satisfy your client if you respect them, their home, and possessions. If they feel you value them as a client and that your service is value for money in most cases you will get the tick in the 5-star box. Sounds easy enough but there are businesses out there that cannot grasp this basic concept.

We provide expert home removals services

Here are just some of the benefits we can offer:


Experienced and trained staff. Fully insured and equipped vehicles.


Experienced and trained staff. Fully insured and equipped vehicles.


Experienced and trained staff. Fully insured and equipped vehicles.


Experienced and trained staff. Fully insured and equipped vehicles.

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the UK’s leading brands